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Snodgrass Comics
by Tom Finley
If you have read Snodgrass in Space, you may have wondered what happened to the Potato Bot who befriended Herschel. He has settled in Idaho where he's raising a family and doing fine, thank you.
But what of his millions of potato cousins? Well, this one seems to think he can be something he's not. He's trying to look like a human being. But he's just a potato wearing a plastic face. He may fool other potatoes, but he'll never fool any of us.
The Bible tells us exactly who we are, and it's very cool...
"God has lavished us with love: He calls us His children. And that's exactly what we are."
                                                                                                                    1 John 3:1
We are God's kids! That's HUGE! Anything else would be just small potatoes.