Herschel Snodgrass Comics
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I Promise...
Here are eight promises a kid might make. Some might sound a little goofy to you. But you can make them even goofier if you like! Use your mouse to click and drag the parts up and down to make your own silly promises--but which ones would you really keep?
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One thing is for sure: GOD makes wise and good promises, and He keeps them! Here's just one of many things the Bible says about God's promises: "Not even one of all the great promises the Lord your God gave you has failed." That's Joshua 23:14.
Make your first sentence down here with one phrase from each column. Crazy fun!
                        You can use my
                        You can ride my
                      I will give you my
                      I will pray for your
You can use my perfume on your
          I will let you play with my
                                You are my
                      You can have my
very favorite best looking t-shirt
amazing brand new skateboard
favorite great-tasting lunch
poor broken messed-up leg
left and right underarm area
giant snarling German Shepherd
very, very, VERY best friend
cute and cuddly pet hamster
to wipe your nose on!
even though you're a klutz!
if you want to eat it!
because it hurts!
because you stink!
but be careful, it bites!
forever and ever!
and tons of hamster food!