Herschel Snodgrass Comics
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Match Your Snodgrassers!
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To start, decide who is Player 1, Player 2 and so on. Up to five players can have fun matching Snodgrassers. What in the world are Snodgrassers? People, aliens, clockbots, potatoes and other critters from the adventures of Herschel C. Snodgrass, boy hero! See how many you know.
Click on a card to see what's under it. Click another card to see if it matches. If it does not, click the Back button to turn each card back over.
But if they do match, click again. Keep clicking until your Player number shows. That's how you keep track of your score.
The player with the most matches wins. To start the game from scratch, press F5 on your keyboard.
Flash Player required
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