Herschel Snodgrass Comics
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Herschel's site is under construction. We'll have things popping up by January. Everything we post will be FREE for the kids to enjoy.
Herschel's Adventures in 3D
The mighty search engine company Google makes a free three-dimensional drawing program called SketchUp. We use it to create 3D scenes from various Snodgrass adventures, including Bible areas. Kids can download a simple program call SketchUp Viewer that allows them to walk through the scenes, turning this way and that and even entering buildings. We'll post an easy-to-understand set of download and install instructions.
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To give you an idea of what our 3D worlds will look like, here is a quick sample of how things work.

(The software the kids will download does a better job with more features including background, full screen, shadows and animation.)

The drawing is of four "Clock Bots" from the Super CLAM-U-Lator adventure. The image you see can be rotated using your mouse. Click and drag to see. You can zoom in with a mouse wheel. The tools at the top of the image (they appear when you mouse over) give you more options.

PS: This is an Adobe Reader file. You need version 7.0 or better (v10 is available at adobe.com).